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Programming for e-Learning Developers

Even a little programming can go a long way in terms of increasing your ability to create meaningful interactions for your e-Learning. To do that, however, entails understanding basic programming concepts like events, properties, and methods. Add to that the requirement to perform more advanced tasks like adding hyperlinks, communicating via SCORMâ„¢ with your Learning Management System, loading media or graphics, and using a web service to send email from your application, and you have the need for some "real" programming. Many e-Learning developers use multiple tools. Even if you stick to a single tool like Flash or ToolBook, you still likely have the need to make external JavaScript calls in order to get extra functionality. So rather than focus on a single tool, this book takes each of our programming challenges and solves it in ToolBook - OpenScript, ToolBook - Actions Editor, Flash, JavaScript, and Silverlight. Note that there is free shipping (US Mail) in the U.S.

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