Progress Tracker 3.0 is now available!

Progress Tracker provides student tracking, course management, and sophisticated reporting for LAN, CD-ROM, or Neuron training comprised of a single book

  • Track thousands of users
  • Variety of deployment options (Rich client, local area network, CD, Neuron)
  • Student and course data may be stored on a LAN server, the user's own machine, or on a Web Server (with "web deployment" option)

Wondering when to use Progress Tracker, when to use TBK Tracker, and when to use Tracker.Net? See this chart.

ToolBook applications employing the Platte Canyon® Progress Tracker™ have been successfully deployed around the world since 1996. Now storing data natively in Access or SQL Server, Progress Tracker allows you to track thousands of users and deploy your ToolBook modules via local area network, CD, or Neuron. The student database may be stored on a web server, LAN server, or local hard disk.

You can even have a “front end” book with a single log-on that will allow your users to access many different modules. Progress Tracker’s state-of-the-art tools allow you to easily organize your modules into “chapters and sections,” assign page indexes, configure a certification exam, assign a database, and much more.

  • View over 90 Textual and Graphical Reports
  • Store data natively in Access® or SQL Server
  • Track times, dates, completion status, test scores, individual question results, and much more
  • Group sections into chapters and students into classes
  • Use the Progress Tracker Reporter to display and graph student, chapter, section, class, and company information
  • Customize reports using Crystal Reports 8®
  • Import students from virtually any database
  • Store and restore user properties

Progress Tracker is composed of three pieces:

  • Progress Tracker  -  The ToolBook developer sets up this module when developing the course using the easy-to-use Progress Tracker catalog and  menu.
    Progress Tracker screen capture
  • Administrator - This program allows you to add or import students (if desired), group them into classes, configure your modules, determine their “display” order (if accessing from a front-end menu book), determine user properties to be stored (to restore a student’s settings, for example), assign students, and more. Use the Administrator in development to configure your modules, set global properties, and determine completion method. Then give it to your customers to manage students.

  • Reporter - This program provides detailed student, module (including its chapters and sections), and company data, both on the screen and via over 90 textual and graphical reports created in Crystal Reports 8®. Users may export the data to various formats, and developers may add, edit, or delete reports.

Student Tracking Features
  • Extensive test information including last ten test scores/dates, average score, and student attempts.
  • Cumulative time spent in each section and chapter.
  • Completion status of each section and chapter.
  • Restores individual completion status of each individual section page.
  • Individual "browser-style" of important training pages.
Student Log-In Features
  • Professional log in box appears when student starts the system.
  • Students select name from an alphabetized list or (if self-registration allowed) may enter their name the first time.
  • Students are presented only with modules to which they have been assigned or which are "open enrollment"
Data Storage
  • Progress Tracker™ stores student data in a password-protected MS Access or SQL Server databases.  (The developer or administrator sets the password). 
Favorites and Indexes
  • "CBT Favorites" provide the option to return to the last page visited when beginning the session.
  • "Browser-style favorites" allow the user to mark a page that they would like to remember and return to it at any time.
  • A page index, listing all pages in the lesson by descriptive title, is available for the student to quickly access a list of descriptions and jump to the page that best meets their needs.
  • Progress Tracker™ provides over 90 reports covering everything from the number of students per course to what a particular student answered on a a particular question in a scored test.  
  • Reports are accessed via a separate reporter module.  This allows designated users to have access to view the reports (without their having the ability to modify student or course information that an administrator has)
  • You may customize any of the reports using the industry-standard Crystal Reports 8®  
  • Assign courses to students.
  • Administrative functions are accessed through a separate Administrator module.  
  • Group students in classes to allow an administration to easily assign courses to multiple students.

  • It's easy to set up your courses to use Progress Tracker™. Simply use the Progress Tracker menu and catalog objects to set up your books and you're ready to go. You can now start the Administrator and specify your sections and chapters. Additional functionality such as favorites and indexes may be added to your application by using the powerful author-level "Progress Tracker™" tools as specified in the step-by-step directions included in the help file.
  • Progress Tracker allows you to track thousands of users on a local area network or single users via CD or Neuron deployment. Neuron implementation requires the optional "web deployment" capability.
System Requirements and Licensing
  • Progress Tracker works with files created with ToolBook 7.1 or later. Deployment must be in native ToolBook or using the Neuron Plug-in.
  • When the database is located on a local or LAN disk, end users will also need to have Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) installed. Users with Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer already have MDAC. Users will also need to be able to perform HTTP Post in order to use the optional feature to post student data.
  • When using the "web deployment" capability, the database must be hosted on a web server that allows Active Server Pages. Users will need to be able to perform HTTP Post to use the deployment method. MDAC is also required to use the optional capability to save individual student information to a database.
  • There is no runtime license required for CD or LAN deployment. Each product is licensed per developer machine (just like ToolBook). The Web Deployment Capability license is required for each hosted database.
  • All dates display in either the regional format of the user's machine (CD or LAN deployment) or the specified format of the web server (web deployment).

Progress Tracker Price

Description Price
Progress Tracker™ version 3.0 $2,995
Version 3.0 upgrade from version 2.0 $995
Web Deployment Capability (per deployed database) $995
1 year Technical support (email only) $395

Educational and multiple-copy discounts are available.