Extensive Expert Training on Assistant 8 

Get 22+ hours of Professional Training on ToolBook Assistant 8 delivered on interactive CD-ROM. The Platte Canyon® Learning & Mastering ToolBook Assistant 8™ CD builds on the success of the 7.1 version with:

New Content on Incorporating Flash™ into ToolBook
Add this popular animation format to your native or DHTML ToolBook files. Learn how to make Flash and ToolBook communicate with each other.

Expanded and Updated Content Throughout
Greatly expanded content on media, the Catalog, DHTML, and ActiveX. Plus all 22+ hours of training has been completely updated for Assistant 8.

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Professional Training on ToolBook® Assistant 8™
Experience over 22 hours of insightful information on all aspects of Assistant. Interactive exercises and demonstrations help clarify the topics, while an animated, customizable narrator points out key concepts. Learn about the Catalog, objects, CBT essentials, animation, Flash, media, and more.
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37 Show Me Demonstrations
As you learn about a particular Assistant 8 task, click the Show Me button to see a demonstration of the task being accomplished. You’ll watch "over the shoulder” of an expert performing the task while explaining each step through the process.
29 Let Me Try Simulations
When you're ready to try it yourself, you can click the Let Me Try button to bring up a full simulation of the Assistant 8 environment. Your job is to perform a task covering the current concept. You don't need to worry if you make a mistake, however, since you’ll receive feedback if you happen to go down the wrong path.
101 Expert Information Topics and Much More
When you want to learn even more about a topic, click the Expert Information button for shortcuts, undocumented features, helpful advice, and more. 

The training also stores all student information in a database and provides a glossary, index, full text search, personalized favorites, a Certification Exam, and more. You can even use the included Progress Tracker Reporter™ to create graphs and reports.

You get over 22 hours of hands-on training on CBT Essentials, the catalog, publishing your applications to DHTML or Neuron, adding Flash™, Hyperlinks and Navigation, configuring objects, and much more. You’ll learn how to deploy your application on the web as well as via traditional methods such as CD-ROM and Local Area Network. When you think you have "mastered" Assistant, try your hand at the Certification Exam, built randomly from a large question pool. You can then see your answers to each question via Student Information or the included Progress Tracker Reporter™.

Organized in easy-to-follow sections, the training is presented one concept at a time. You can “dig deeper” to learn more about a concept by accessing Expert Information. Or watch a Show Me demonstration of how to accomplish a related task. Then choose the Let Me Try option on many pages for a complete simulation of the Assistant 8 environment to perform a representative task on your own, receiving gentle feedback when you go down the wrong path.

After you have completed the training, you will want to keep it nearby as a reference. It offers a glossary, index, full text search, list of Expert Information, and personalized favorites. Finally, you can print a certificate, create reports and graphs, or even send email to show your boss how hard you have been working on learning this stuff!


System Requirements

Learning & Mastering ToolBook Assistant 8 runs on any system that can run ToolBook. If you would like to open the training in Author mode to get an idea of how the training was created, you will need Assistant or Instructor 8 or newer.

Availability & Pricing

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This courseware was developed using Instructor, Progress Tracker™, Plug-In Pro™, Hotword Connection™,FTS Pro™, and Resources Plus™.

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  • I took the Learning & Mastering ToolBook CBT from Platte Canyon and found it to be most helpful.
  • I received the "Learning & Mastering" CBT and love it. I hope I can someday make some as well thought out and implemented. This CBT is awesome, fun and inspiring. Great job!
  • It's an amazing piece of work; you all should be very proud.
  • I also have effectively used the Learning & Mastery CD from Platte Canyon for my own learning.
  • Learning & Mastering is GREAT! I'd recommend it to anyone.
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