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Course Outline

Getting to Know Instructor

How to Use This Training
Instructor: A Tour
CBT Essentials
Things to Consider
Books, Pages, Backgrounds, and More
The Book Specialist

Working with Objects

Using the Catalog
Creating Objects
Manipulating Objects
Object Properties
Text, Hotwords, and Formatting
Graphic Resources
Adding Media

Publishing to the Web

ToolBook and the Web
DHTML Deployment
Neuron Plug-in Deployment
Actions Editor Basics
Working with Actions
Advanced Internet Topics

Adding More Power

OpenScript Handlers, Functions, and Variables
OpenScript Tools and Techniques
Hyperlinks and Navigation
Menus and Printing
Drag and Drop
Incorporating Flash
Automation and ADO
Connecting to Databases with ADO

Employing Other Tools

Instructor Tools and Mini-Apps
Traditional Deployment with AutoPackager
Other Traditional Deployment Options
How We Made This Training
Further Resources

Certification Exam