Using MS Agent in ToolBook®

By M.E. Yoder

Using MS Agent In ToolBook is available as a PDF e-manual, plus a ToolBook program with all sample code intact. Upon purchase, we will email you the PDF file and accompanying ToolBook files in zip format. You are then free to either view the manual using Adobe Acrobat Reader, or print it for your own hard copy. The software is in ToolBook 6.1a format but can easily be updated by newer versions. All scripts remain within the software, which may be freely copied into your own ToolBook programs.

To learn more, please see the e-book's Table of contents, ToolBook Agent Assembly Platform Sample, Introduction, Chapter 3, and Request Object sample.

What is Needed to Use e-Manual Using MS Agent in ToolBook

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You will need Microsoft Agent suite of software including:

  • MSagent.exe
  • Lernout & Hauspie(R) TruVoice Text-To-Speech Engine for speech output (tv_enau.exe)
  • Speech recognition software (actcnc.exe)
  • Speech control panel (spchcpl.ext)
  • MS Agent characters (all of the following are necessary to use the Agent Assembly Platform)
    • Genie (Genie.exe)
    • Merlin (Meline.exe)
    • Peedy (Peedy.exe)
    • Robby (Robby.exe)

All the Microsoft files can be downloaded from their site.

You will need ToolBook 6.1a or newer.

Each of the above software programs have certain computing requirements. Please consult the specific software for what these requirements are.

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